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Thinks Green

Discover the environmental commitments maintained by Caron for several years.

Natural ressources optimisation
Eco-friendly wood grades
Eco-Friendly Models



Caron's kitchen cabinet doors are made from fine crafted components, adding value and durability to your most beautiful projects.

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  • Promo tools are top notch and very helpful for sales and design meetings.

    Massachusetts USA

  • -Everything is perfect, custom colors have been great.

    Georgia USA

  • Caron has passed the test for the different home owners expectation and the quality has beenperfect, we greatly appreciate working with you.
    Alberta Canada

  • Sanding, price, quality and consistency are the best in the industry, that is why I always buy from Caron!
    Nova Scotia Canada

  • Replacement / add on are always dealt with quickly to get our jobs done.
    British Columbia Canada

  • My experience with the staff at Caron is always 100% positive. Best in the industry. I really appreciate the personalized service and visits from the rep. even though I am a small cabinet shop. It makes me feel like my business is valuable.
    Alberta Canada

 Caron cabinet doors: Genuine  quality and durability.