Environmental commitments


Caron  is an eco-friendly leader in the industry. From the choice of materials through the entire manufacturing process and up to packaging, our primary objective is to protect the environment and optimize the use of natural resources.



Caron  is a proud partner of both Tree Canada and the American Forest Foundation. Since 2005, 5 000 to 10 000 trees have been planted annually. This translates to over 115 930 trees in total. This number is more than the company uses,  a first in the industry. Read more...

  TREE CANADA Impact Report - Caron Industries 2021.pdf


Climate Positive Now

Research shows that the wood components in kitchens actually store more carbon than is released in their production and use. That’s the definition of “Climate Positive,” a term being used by IKEA and a growing number of other global brands.

Caron is proud to partner with Climate Positive NOW, a movement dedicated to educating cabinet makers,  designers and consumers about materials that go beyond sustainable.


Wood Supply

Caron  uses wood suppliers that care about the environment. Indeed, they promote responsible forestland stewardship and do not provide wood that comes from controversial sources


Eco–Friendly Models



Presenting a new alternative in solid wood door panels, the new Eco-Style Collection by Caron is a must see. With it's sleek, soft lines, the Eco series was specifically designed to optimally use our natural resources.  Go Eco and benefit from 15% additional savings. (We save on wood so you can save! )


Ruggedness , warmth and authenticity of the Barn Style is preserved by using all characteristics of the wood. This way there is less waste and less manufacturing steps (face).



The major proportion of these exclusive components is recuperation of wood cut-offs, coming from the manufacturing process of our solid wood laminated tops.


Eco-Friendly Wood Grades

In addition to exclusive eco-friendly models, Caron offers a choice of wood grades for  basic door models that are designed to optimize the use of this precious natural resource.

-Our knotty rustic grade is ideal for wood lovers, but is also very environmentally friendly. By using boards with knots to build doors, we use all parts of the tree. ref. Authentic style

-“No color match”  (or rustic grade) is designed to optimize the use of natural resources and make you benefit up to 20% in additional savings. Ideal for darker tone finishes and solid colors (even clear coating can be used... for wood lovers)

-We also offer jointed wood and formaldehyde free MDF.



All finishing products are of the highest quality, high in solids and low v.o.c.  We also offer water and polyurethane based finishes.



Our packaging is done to optimize the use of our 100% recycled cardboard.


No Waste

Caron  leaves no wood waste behind.  Wood strips and cut-offs are used in many of our different models as per Barn and Mosaik style. Sawdust and shavings are used to heat up our facilities during the winter. They are also used by local producers of wood pellets. 

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